Battery Charge Safety

RC Helicopter - Battery Information and charging
NIMH Battery:
- The average charging time for the NIMH battery is about 1.5 - 2 hours (for Z400 stock battery is about 30 minutes ONLY). However, when you are charging the battery, please always pay attention to the battery charging. When the battery get WARM (NOT HOT), then it is fully charged. IMPORTANT: ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO THE BATTERY WHEN YOU ARE CHARGING THE BATTERY. DO NOT OVER CHARGE THE BATTERY - IT CAN BE VERY DANGER.

Li-Ion Battery:
- When you are charging the Li-Ion Battery (only use the charger supplied with the battery), please always pay attention when you are charging the battery. On the li-ion charger, there is a light on the charger, when the battery is charging, the light is RED, when you light turns GREEN, this indicates the battery is fully charged and you need to remove the battery immediately - DO NOT OVER CHARGE THE LI-ION BATTERY - IT CAN BE VERY DANGER.

Li-ion Battery Safety Instruction:
- Do not disassemble or reconstruct battery
- Do not short-circuit battery
- Do not use or leave battery nearby fire, stove, heated place
- Do not immerse the battery in water or get it wet
- Do not charge the batter nearby fire or under blazing sun
- Do not drive a nail into the battery. Strike it by hammer, or tread it
- Do not give battery impact or fling it
- Do not use the battery with conspicuous damage or deformation
- Do not make the direct soldering on the battery
- Do not reverse-charge or over discharge the cell(s)
- Do not reverse-charge or reverse connect
- Do not connect battery to the plug socket or car-cigarette-plug
- Do not use the battery for unspecified equipment
- Do not touch a leaked battery directly
- Do not use lithium ion battery in mixture
- Keep the battery away from babies
- Do not continue to charge battery over specified time
- Do not get unto a microwave or a high pressure container
- Do not use a leaked battery nearby fire
- Do not use an abnormal battery
- Do not use or leave the battery under the blazing sun (or heated car by sunshine)
- Do not use nearby the place where generates static electricity which will give damage to the protection circuit.
- Use the specified charger and observe charging requirement
- Charging temperature rage is regulated. Do not charge the battery out of recommended temperature range (0 - 45 degree)
- When the battery has rust, bad smell or something abnormal at first-time-using, do not use the equipment and go to bring the battery to the shop which is was bought.
- In case children use the battery, their parents teach how to use the batteries according to the manual with care. And also, when children are using the batteries, pay attention to use it according to that or not.
- Keep the battery out of the reach of children. And pay attention the children using or handling it.
- It the skin or cloth is smeared with liquid from battery, wash with fresh water. In may cause skin inflammation

For Li-ion battery, always use the charge come with the li-ion battery ONLY.

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