New 2008 Esky 6 CH Yellow Belt-CP Special Carbon Edition CCPM 3D Aerobatic Radio Remote Control Electric RC Helicopter RTF w/ Extreme Performance

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This Belt-CP Full Carbon Edition is an upgraded version of the fantastic Belt-CP. Carbon-fibre composite and CNC alloy components have been ed throughout. The painted glassfibre canopy comes with glass pre-fitted and decals applied.

ESKY BELT-CP .... Step up to a larger collective pitch heli than the Honey Bee CP2 or King II with the Belt CP. The Belt CP has a belt-driven tail rotor for smooth, vibration free tail control. The Belt CP is the new range developed by Esky. This is a RC helicopter with a small budget and a massive bite. It has been developed to rival the Trex in terms of capablilites and the Falcon 3D in price.

As for a gyro, no more 4 in 1 units, as with other Micro heli's; the Belt-CP is setup with a stand alone Esky gyro, which is far better suited for the performance this helicopter has to offer.

This helicopter is incredible value for money and will suit everyone from the cautio and eager to progress beginner all the way up to the more experienced pilot. (Some previo flying experience is recomended as this helicopter is not a toy).

In short the E-SKY Belt-CP is one of the best value helicopters on the market today, buy one and you will not be disappointed!

With the stock RTF kit, which comes with everything you need for flight, you simply won't find a better helicopter in this class. Capable of many aspects of aerobatic flight, the Belt-CP is perfect for those wanting more out of their current helicopters, or for those looking for a helicopter that will not be outgrown. For those wanting more out of a Micro class helicopter, the Belt-CP is the one to have.

The Belt-CP comes RTF (Ready To Fly) out of the box with no assembly required. Kit includes everything needed for flight, and is setup & ready to go.

  • 1).CCPM Hold System
  • (2).Auto-rotation System
  • (3).Tail rotor belt drive system
  • (4).High inertial main blade
  • (5).High rigidity Iron main shaft
  • (2).Auto-rotation System
  • (3).Tail rotor belt drive system
  • (4).High inertial main blade
  • (5).High rigidity Iron main shaft
  • (6).shock proof Iron landing skids
  • (7).Full ball bearing&metal ball end
  • (8).High rigidity alloy tail boom
  • (9).High strength carbon fibre tail stand
  • (1)Main blade diameter: 680mm;
  • (2)Tail blade diameter: 130mm;
  • (3)Length:650mm;
  • (4)Height:230mm;
  • (5)Motor:400-450 brushless motor Suggested 12-13 tooth for 400 motor, and 10 tooth for 450 motor;
  • (6)Rotate ratio:12:140/110:22;
  • (7)25A brushless speed controller;
  • (8)ESKY professional gyro
  • (9)Servo:8g;
  • (10)Tail rotor drive Belt System;
    Package Include:
  • Helicopter (100% Assembled) w/ Carbon Fiber Body + Metal Head & Tail
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Main Blades
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Flybar Paddles
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Horizontal & Vertical Tail Fins
  • 6 Channel CCPM Multifunctional FM R/C Transmitter (8 AA batteries included)
  • 100-240V Wall Battery Balance Charger with Auto Cut-Off
  • 11.1V 1800mah 20C 3-Cell Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • English Manual
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