HOT DEAL!!! - Walkera Dragon Fly H22E 6-Channel Radio Remote Controlled RC Helicopter Ready to Fly
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This is the world's hottest ccpm rc helicopter, now in version 2 (released date: August 2007).  Better quality control, longer lasting computer board, better, lighter and more sophisticated parts, and now equipped with a lipo system for even hotter 3D action!

6-Channel Dragonfly 22E Intruder 3D CCPM READY TO FLY OUT OF THE BOX Walkera 22E Radio Control Helicopter is a newly designed model of 3D CCPM from Walkera, the manufacturer of Dragonfly series RC helicopters. It has the 3D aerobatics capability, while its price is low in the fixed pitch range.


  • Highly efficient motor-powered tail motor with elaborate structure. The New 22E tail motor outperforms previous models.

  • The helicopter can fly in flight course, reversing and 3D aerobatics.

  • Simplified structure, adopting CCPM 3D model alterable pitch system.

  • The transmitter is equipped with 3D model conversion and mode-lock switches. Its PIT and PLT buttons are convenient to adjust to the best flying state.

  • Powerful 370 carbon brush motor as main power.

  • Newly Designed Rotor Head gives better control.

  • Lightweight body built with strong materials.

  • Durable Landing skids and Tail Boom made of Aluminum material.

  • More Stable hover and 3D flight.

  • 6 Channel remote control set includes complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down,Control(RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR AND THROTTLE, PITCH). The transmitter comes with Pitch Adjustment and CH5 control. It has 3D conversion, PIT and PLT adjusting knob.

  • High Quality 4-in-1 receiver board.

  • 3 High Quality and High Speed Servos and outer gyro.

  • READY TO FLY. Only requires AA Batteries for transmitter.

  • 20-25 minutes of flight time.

  • Fly both indoors and outdoors.

  • One pair of bonus main blades.

  • Total length: 580mm.

  • Main blade diameter: 550mm.

  • Main motor: 370SD brush motor

  • Tail motor: N30 brush motor.

  • Tail blade diameter: 150mm.

  • Flying weight: 374g.

  • Battery: Ni-MH9.6V 650mAh .

  • Radio System: 6 channel transmitter, 4 in 1 controller (including receiver, mix controller, ESC, gyro), 3pcs 7.6g-2 gyros.

This helicopter is an ideal investment for those people looking to move onto the larger scale gas powered helicopters, and can give you excellent training in preparation to fly the big birds!

Package Include:
Pre-assembled Walkera 22E RC Helicopter
- 3 x 7.6 g servo and outer gyro.
- Speed mixer and gyro board 
- 370SD carbon brush motor.
- 4-in-1 receiver board.
  • 6-cahnnel reversible transmitter

  • Battery: Ni-MH9.6V 650mAh

  • 110V wall charger.

  • One pair of extra main blades (FREE).

  • English manual

  • General Flight Manual (FREE

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